Play by Play Agenda

These are the subjects we cover using your materials and equipment in front of your customers –Live and hands-on, during your Classic Cleaning Course.

A Mental Attunement
An introduction to a universally used and accepted lexicon of CCC working words that accurately express what needs to be said and done about cleaning. A cleaning lexicon of professional working words and power phrases, which all goes to prove that most of us in the cleaning industry “can work a better game in cleaning that we can speak about!”

Three Lines of Dirt Defense
“Every building is a ship” and every outside entrance is a potential dirt leak…. Outside sweeping, track-off matts and dustless sweeping. If you don’t catching it there, you catch it in the neck: i.e., vertical and horizontal dusting.

The Universal Cleaning Clues!
“You cannot manage what you cannot measure!”… ODL, FI, FA, PP, C to D, TOM, IDL, LAD, DP and OMB! A very short introduction to and pencil organization.

Showcase Hardfloor Program
Body mechanics to match the Hi-Tech Machines, Chemicals and Custodial Hardware of our industry… “Preparation,” “Preparation” and subsequent maintenance procedures (dont live!) for Terrazzo, enhanced vinyl, vinyl, linoleum, rubber tile, quarry and ceramic tile, sealed wood and sealed concrete, etc.

Dust mopping, dry tack, damp tack, ultra hi-speed burnish, restorer coats, spray buff, dry strip, non-mechanical stripper, traditional stripper, meutralizing procedures, baseboard cleaning, digging out corners, the “Go down” of ionically compatible floor products program, e.i., undercoats, wearcoats, neutral cleaners, EPA-registered disinfectants, restorer, dust mop treatment, etc.

Machine Mechanics
Using the machines that contribute toward “SHOWCASE” and “WORLD CLASS” cleaning… Hand-held rotary floor machines, wet/dry pick-up vac’s, combination walk-behind battery and electric-powered scrubbers, cord electric, battery and propane burnishers, Hi-CFM floor blowers, etc.

Wet-Mopping Techniques – ( and other hand tools)
Damp, Wet, and track mopping; lay over, cutting in, framing the room, mop swath, saving your back, hand floor squeegee, baseboard cleaning tools and checmicals, etc.

Cleaning Judgements (it’s not casual, it’s engineered)
Matched buckets, wringers, and mops; coded wet mops, measuring and mixing, abradant pads, and grit bristle brushes, drive blocks, expension poles, wet floor signs, hookless handle holder, care and storage, the difference between a custodial closet and a “Janitor’s Jungle”.

Federal Government Regulations
EPA, OSHA (U.S.A.)/WHMIS (Canada) and the “Right to Know” Laws, your involvement with hazardous chemicals, your responsibilities, your liabilities! Like MSDS, Proper labeling, safe use instructions.

Safety Slide Show
Snapping cords, jumping brushes, slinging buckets, flopping nops, handle hazards, over wetting, electrical etiquette, don’t be a human compactor, separate the trash. These Cleaning Calamity Slides, with matching narrative, serve as a foundation for your own “in-house” training program.

pH – The yardstick to chemical measurement
Acid, neutral, alkaline, 1 to 14, ionic compatability, rinsing and neutralizing procedures, salt glitches, the trail of the mop.

Carpet Capers
The whole evolution of the dry and wet carpet cleaning. Lobby pan and the porter broom, no-motor upright, manual push sweeping, one, two and multi-motor upright carpet sweepers, pile lifters and pile brushes, all used for loose-soil extraction.

Now to “sticky soil”” Spin bonnet, dry granular, limited-moisture shampooing, rotary showerfeed shampooing, and deep-cycle carpet rinse extraction, soil retardants. Primary spotting techniques; organic, solvent-based, water-based spotters; white towels, upholstery tool, gum freeze, etc.

Reflecting on your Restroom
Personal safety, organizing the cart, cleaning and disinfecting public and employee rest-rooms, locker rooms, shower rooms, food prep and food service areas…. Live training on how to clean and disinfect commodes, urinals, sinks, glass, mirrors, bright work, walls, partitioned areas, flushable fixtures…. Includes disease-causing micro-organisms controlled through disinfection; immediate odor control and drain maintenance.

Closing Commentary
Your PEP session… “Personal Enrichment Program”

Additional Materials: Classic Cleaning Course

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