Everybody Sells

This is the agenda that we cover with your sales people during our selling Skills Seminar.

  • Increase Your Sales
  • Increase Your Profits
  • Increase Your Sales Effectiveness

In our Selling Skills Seminar, we will help you build a “Stairway to Successful Selling”.  Each step will lead you to the top of the selling profession.

Take a moment to review the agenda below and contact us to discuss your thoughts.

We will discuss and develop

  • Territory organization, including individual goal setting, a prospecting program, a target account selling plan with specific accounts and products being featured.
  • Each attendee will build their own sales plan.

We will also cover

  • Asking the right questions – at the right time and listening for the right answers.
  • Features, Advantages, Benefits – A lost art that sells – Specific to your products.
  • Handling objections – How to smoke them out and how to use them to make the sale.
  • The ABC’s of closing – and we don’t mean the door. Includes: trial closes, closes, 7 closing techniques and 6 wrap up questions – that work!
  • How to take advantage of tight customer budgets and come up with the order

We will uncover

  • 7 levels of sales jobs
  • 5 reasons why people buy
  • 5 reasons why people don’t buy

We will develop

  • A list of value added services uniquely offered by your firm
  • Individual sales goals – a daily sales challenge for each attendee

Who should attend?

  • Entry-level sales people (give them a “jump start” on your competition)
  • Experienced and mature sales people (Survival by Revival)
  • Inside sales and service people
  • Management personnel

Your agenda can be customized to your needs – from a half day to a full day. Two day seminars are available if hands-on custodial training is needed for specific personnel and specific account planning.

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