The Selling Skills Seminar

The seminars are conducted by Maurice Dixon, who has worked in the Jan-San business as a territory sales rep, Vice President of sales, and as the President of a very successful janitorial supply distributor. We can cover this program in a half day, and can be expanded to a full day based on your choice of options. Give us a call to discuss these options.

Maurice has been on both sides of the desk, as a seller and buyer, and as a sales rep and manager.

Dix tells it like it is, and will help you grow your sales and your profits.

Ask Questions

Open Ended Question:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • How?

The Listening Ladder

    L – Look at the person your speaking to
    A – Ask Questions
    D – Don’t Interrupt
    D – Don’t Change the Subject
    E – Empathize
    R – Respong; Verbally and Non-Verbally

Agenda for the Course

  • Introductions all around – game plan
  • Mental Attunement – Sets the theme for the entire program
  • Stairway to Successful Selling – The steps required to rach the top of the selling profession – these steps are referred to and explanded upon throughout the balance of our seminar.
  • Planning – Territory and account planning, long-term planning – such as: sales goals, accounts to be called on, specific products to be sold, weekly and daily planning.
  • Asking the Right Questions – At the right time.
  • Listening Skills – When to listen and how to listen.
  • Features, Advantages, Benefits – How to demonstrate the right feature, and turn benefits into orders.
  • Handling Objections the Right Way – How to welcome objections and turn them into orders.
  • Closing signals, trial closes, and trials
  • The seven closing techniques and the six wrap up questions.
  • Wrap-up and adjournment

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