Dear Maurice,

I wanted to personally, and on behalf of the Penn State Project Team, thank you for your time on June 17th, helping us to better understand the Professional Products marketplace and it’s challenges and opportunities.

Your comments were very helpful and will definitely be of use to us in making decisions on any future project for the Professional Projects Division.

Once again, thank you for your insights.

Sunland Sanitary Supply, Inc.
Dear Maurice,

Just a note to let you know how successful our follow up has been on the “Class Cleaning Course” Sunland hosted here in Albuquerque.

In less than two months my tracking shows that our salespeople have written over $40,000 in new business (machines and supplies) directly attributed to the workshop and your efforts.

Once again it shows that no matter how sophisticated the cleaning business becomes—There is no substitute for the basics.

Sincerely, Sunland Sanitary Supply, Inc.

Quaker City Paper Company
Dear Dix,

Thank you so much for the invaluable cleaning course you presented last week here in York, PA on behalf of Quaker City Paper Company. We received nothing but positive responses from the nearly 100 participants who attended this course.

We would like to also thank you for the private training session you provided to our sales force the day before. Our bright young staff came away with a positive attitude and many useful sales techniques which will serve them will in the years to come.

Looking forward to utilizing your many talents again in the near future.

Quaker City Paper Company – Alex Monteith

Henry Kraft, Inc.
Dear Maurice,

Just a note from all of us at Henry Kraft to say thank you for your work last month.

Your enthusiasm and energy were contagious. My sales people enjoyed your meeting with them and our customers are still talking about your terrific custodial training seminar.

The leads generated by your “lead forms” were great. My sales force is having a great time following up with their accounts and helping them solve cleaning problems. They are even writing some nice orders in the process.

Thank you again for your time and effort. We look forward to working with you again.

Roger S. Bruder

Dacotah Paper Co.

All of us at Dacotah Paper Company want to thank you for your efforts last week.

Your Professional Cleaning Course Seminar for our customers was terrific. The seminar created lots of questions from our customers. Both the vendors in attendance and our sales representatives were excited by all of the on the spot sales and future sales opportunities.

This was a terrific show for several reasons:

1. You did a great job of making the cleaning professionals in attendance feel more professional.
2. The fees we charged for vendors and customers to attend allowed us to make a small profit.
3. Our sales representatives are now better informed, more professional, and have enhanced their relationships with their customers who attended the show.
4. The sale leads generated by the lead forms you had the attendees fill out will lead to many equipment sales and product placements.

In addition, your selling skills seminar on Friday for our sales team was very informative and inspiring. The notebooks we filled with your resource material will help each individual sales representative in their planning, presenting and total sales efforts for a long time to come.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Your truly,
Keith Bresin
Director of Corporate Sales

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